No blood, not creepy props, but good clean Halloween fun is what Art of Scary is about.  This original Halloween show incorporates large sculptures choreographed to Halloween music.  You’ll hear kids laughing as audience members participate in helping Dale create these Halloween balloons. 


  1. Are you looking for a Halloween theme show?
  2. Do you want it for all ages, parents too?
  3. Looking for a Halloween show that is fun and not scary?

If so, this just might be what you are looking for. Give your audience an unforgettable Halloween show with unforgettable fun.

Art of Scary

•  45-minute family-friendly show.
•  Kids and parents become stars of the show.
•  Choreographed balloon routines to upbeat music.
•  Professional PA Sound System to ensure a full audience experience.
•  Stunning blacklight presentation that wow’s an audience.
•  Colorful 5′ foot balloon sculptures created on stage.
•  A theatrical backdrop setting to enhance the audience viewing experience.
•  Photo Opportunity After the Show where the audience is encouraged to take pictures with large sculptures and to share on social media.
• You keep the large balloon sculptures as decorations

The Art of Scaring

  • Stage Show
  • Balloon Sculpting
  • Comedy
  • Music
  • Audience Participation
  • Pictures after the show

After the show audience is encouraged to come to take pictures with the Halloween sculptures.

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