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The smile on the youth librarian’s face occurred day’s prior to the show even stating when she received a confirmation email from Dale.

Sue, was the youth librarian who loved to be organized and hated doing things haphazardly, so she books her summer programs early.  Yet, it didn’t matter how organized and how early she booked, she was still at the mercy of the entertainer. Over the years she had programs cancel because the entertainer didn’t show or arrived so late that the audience fizzed out.

Stories like this are common in the youth library program.  In fact, it happens so often that librarians share horror stories with other librarians educating them on what performers to avoid and to save colleagues the hassle of booking a poorly run program.

This is why Dale Obrochta’s, Art of Inflation is different from rest of the library shows.  We realize that a library program is more than just a show with a theme, it’s about communication, marketing, personality, and the dedication to provide the best experience not only for the audience but the youth service librarian.

B++  Over All Rating:  We actively survey librarians and ask them to rate the show Art of Inflation and it’s booking process.  We then assign a letter grade to the responses.  Questions on cost, marketing materials, booking process, youth services needs, and program quality are ranked.  The results tabulated give Art of Inflation an overall rating of B++.

“Improvements can always be made”, says Obrochta.  Just last year we implemented a new booking system that sends a contract, W9, poster, show right up and show rider all in one process.   This new process has eliminated youth service librarians requesting missing information as it now sent in one automated process.

Easier contract signing makes it easy for youth librarians to digitally sign the contract and click send.

To help facilitate with questions, an online chat (green circle – right corner) has been installed making it easier for youth service librarians can ask questions or leave a quick message.

The youth service librarian survey has helped improve communications and enabled us to give librarians the resource and support they need to make the entire show process easier and stress-free.

“I realized there is always room for improvement,” says Obrochta.   Producing a quality show is easy… it’s the follow-through that makes us different for the other library shows.

Elizabeth experience…

Dale Obrochta is the entertainer that Librarians use for a professional, family-friendly and unique show that generates foot traffic and books being checked out. Dale’s goal is to provide the highest quality entertainment to libraries resulting in a great library experience.

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