Biggest Mistake I’ve Seen in 2 Decades of Summer Reading Programs

Wyatt stomps-off with a discouraged look on his face. After several attempts of asking my son Wyatt what is wrong, he says, “I want to go to the library”.

Wyatt you never asked.

If you are not asking, how will people know?

The biggest mistake I’ve seen in 2 decades is libraries not having a plan to get local business involved.

Here are 3 things you can do right now to get businesses involved.

  1. Have an open house for sponsors  – Many of the sponsors are not familiar with all the resources the library offers. This is a good time to help them with their business and network with other companies.
  2. Send a goodwill letter to local businesses asking them to support the library – tell the success story of a business that works with the library.
  3. Network with parents of the library – Librarians neglect to use personal relationships built up over the years of working with their children. Ask parents to share a sponsorship letter with a spouse, co-workers, and local communities groups.

The libraries that actively communicate with local business find it easy to get sponsors.  Make sure your library has a year-round plan to keep sponsors interested in your programs.

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