How To Start A Program On Time

Every year, I hear the horror stories from Librarians telling the tale of the Act showing up late or minutes before the program starts. Because of this, I’m giving you a strategy that you can implement in minutes, costs nothing,  and solves this problem.

Let’s take the stress out of working with… please add air quotes here, professional, end quote, entertainers.

Two Resources

  1. Two Form Letters

Here are two templates you can email to Acts performing at your library.

Email #1 Send 10-days prior to the program

Email Subject Line:  Gig on (date of event) @ (Library Name)


Just a friendly reminder that you have a show at (Library Name) at (time).  Please check-in at (State Time: 30-minutes prior to start) so we can promptly start at (Start Time).

Parking is (limited/plentiful) and please allow appropriate travel time because the city has streets under construction.

I’m looking forward to your show.


Email #2  Send 2-days prior to the program

Email Subject Line:  Check-in (Time) Gig on (Date of Program) @ (Library Name)


Confirming you’ll be checking in at (Time) and ready to promptly start at (Time).

I’m looking forward to your show.


Email to Text

If you want to go that extra mile, ask the performer who their mobile provider?  Then email/text them 12 hours before the event starts.  We live in a century where automation is easy to setup, cheap, and is the best interest for your program.   Remember, we work for you!

Email to Text Instructions:

Write a comment and let me know if this strategy can help you?

Dale Obrochta is the entertainer that Librarians use for a professional, family-friendly and unique show that generates foot traffic and books being checked out. Dale’s goal is to provide the highest quality entertainment to libraries resulting in a great library experience.

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