Bridgeview Public Library Celebrations Reading Program with a Free Balloon Show

Balloon Show Art of Inflation - Kids Library Event

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Balloon Fun at Bridgeview Public Library

Bridgeview Public Library is presenting a free, all ages, balloon show, Art of Inflation, on Thursday, July 28th at 6:30 PM. This special family event is in celebration of the Kids Summer Reading program at the library and local families are encouraged to come and have fun at the library.


Orland Hills, July 26, 2016: Art of Inflation is a choreographed balloon show that twists comedy, art, music, creativity and audience participation into a unique family show. This free show is located at Bridgeview Public Library 7840 W. 79th Street, Bridgeview IL 60455. Please RSVP to the library Youth Services Department to attend; (708) 458-2880.

Although the library offers many opportunities for kids’ programs, the Summer Reading program is the Youth Services’ biggest event.

“Our families love coming to the library not only for the resources, but the great shows we offer free to the community”, says Julie Soto, Youth Services Librarian.

Highlighting this year’s reading program is Art of Inflation. Art of Inflation is a unique experience for the audience as they watch colorful 4-foot long balloons twirl around and, before their eyes, transform into a work of art, captivating the imagination of young and old alike. “Two five-foot balloon sculptures are created during the show and after the show families are encouraged to come close and take a picture with the works of art,” says Obrochta.

The Bridgeview audience will be in for a special treat as this show has incorporated a black light balloon creation that ends the show. Older audience members relive the 80’s as the neon glows before their eyes.

Art of Inflation is the brainstorm of professional balloon entertainer Dale Obrochta. “Twisted into the show is thirty years of balloon twisting knowledge,” states Obrochta. Dale has been performing since 1986 and has been a visual balloon interpreter for TEDxNaperville, appeared on WGN & WLS TV, and performed for numerous schools and libraries in Illinois.

The Bridgeview Public Library will be offering more kids’ shows this season and is working hard to support the community’s needs.

  • Julie Soto, Youth Services (708) 458-2880


Bridgeview Public Library Art of Inflation balloon show


Dale Obrochta is the entertainer that Librarians use for a professional, family-friendly and unique show that generates foot traffic and books being checked out. Dale’s goal is to provide the highest quality entertainment to libraries resulting in a great library experience.