A Video Will Explain It Faster

Librarians around the country book programs, and each year, they address the issue of show load-in with entertainers. I recently talked with Allison Blaetz from Niles Public Library, and I explained the paperwork emailed to her. The discussion came to the topic of load-in.

Being a library entertainer, I provided my Librarians a show rider outlining equipment or props required to make a show memorable. One of the line items deals with parking and load-in. If you had the pleasure of performing for a library in a major city, you’d quickly learn that parking is challenging and the load-in can be tricky.

Using Technology to Make the Load-in Easier

Blaetz told me she makes a quick video on her phone for the entertainer and sends them the video showing the load-in area. A small video of the load-in site is a brilliant way to communicate the library performer’s staging area, load-in, and unusual parking difficulties.

The load-in video can be a do-it-yourself with a cell phone video like Blaetz or a full production video created by the library media department. The media department can create a unique landing page on the library website for entertainers. On this page, you have the option to share a video showcasing the load-in space, parking, and performance area, along with a link detailing any restrictions or health policies.

Benefits of a Video

  1. A universal video can be utilized for all programs held at the library.
  2. Provides the library performer with a clear view of the venue layout, enabling effective planning.
  3. Improves communication and builds a better relationship between the buyer (Library) and entertainer
  4. Eliminates a step for the librarian to talk about load-in and library policies.

Times Are Changing

COVID-19 has changed the way we communicate and how programs are presented. Cell phone videos, Zoom presentations, and social media are now part of library communication. The new librarians entering the industry embrace this technology and establish new tools to better communicate with their program producers, making life easier for both parties.

This was a great idea, and thank Allison Blaetz for sharing how she communicates with your program producers.

Dale Obrochta is a professional entertainer and speaker who assist libraries in creating excellent programs for family events.

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