Art of Halloween

Creative, fun, and unique Halloween Balloon Show intertwining balloons with Halloween comedy.  Your audience will see Halloween as a fun and entertaining holiday that will have kids and adults laughing. This all-age show is excellent for the younger audience as the entertainment is designed to entertain and not scare.

You Get!


•  45-minute family-friendly show. •  Kids and parents become stars of the show. •  Choreographed balloon routines to upbeat music. •  Professional PA Sound System to ensure a full audience experience. • Stunning blacklight presentation that wow’s an audience. •  Colorful 5′ foot balloon sculptures created on stage. •  The theatrical backdrop setting enhances the audience’s viewing experience. •  Colored 8×10 customize poster listing your event details •  A write-up to use for promoting the show. •  Photo Opportunity After the Show where the audience is encouraged to take pictures with large sculptures and to share on social media. •  The library keeps large balloon sculptures to decorate the library.